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Back together for the first time, Melinda and Andrew see F9 in theatres and it is everything we wanted and way more!

UNLEADED: The Circle pt 1

No Diesel here!!! We're talkin about The Circle season 2. Deal with it!

The Last Witch Hunter

What do 13 year old Melinda and Vin Diesel have in common? They’ve both dabbled in witchcraft!

D&Diesel w/ Harlan Kelly

Melinda and Andrew rolled for guest and got a 20!!! Harlan Kelly joins us to talk D&D - Vin Diesel’s first love.

A Man Apart

A couple of side part millennials yakkin about a movie from 2003 - go figure!!

Knockaround Guys

An ep so good you’re gonna SPOOGE!

Pitch Black

Pitch Black is either the prequel to Chronicles of Riddick or Pitch Perfect, I can’t remember.

Boiler Room

Technically speaking, Vin Diesel is in this movie.

Saving Private Ryan and Multi-Facial

We watched the short film that inspired Spielberg to cast Vin in Saving Private Ryan and then we watched Saving Private Ryan...or did we??

Strays (1997)

Strays marks the acting, writing, directing, and producing debut of a young Vincent Diesel - and we watched it!

Days Are Gone

Vin dropped another single so we dropped everything and headed straight to the podcast studio!

Hobbs and Shaw w/ Sam Clark

Wow we did it! Melinda and Andrew recap the final (for now) film in the Fast universe.

Feel Like I Do

Grab your board shorts and your sun block, Vin Diesel just dropped the song of the summer and we just gotta discuss it!!!

The Fate of the Furious w/ Tim McLaughlin

As F8 would have it, Tim returns to check our progress on these movies. Spoiler alert, we still love them!!

Furious 7 w/ Matt McPherson

Andrew, Melinda, and Matt gather round the water cooler to discuss the 7th installment of our beautiful franchise.

Fast & Furious 6 w/ Davey Aguilera

Melinda screams plot points at you for twelve hours and loses her shit multiple times.

Fast 5 w/ Jill and Dan

Sweet lord Jesus did Melinda love this movie!!! She ended up watching it three times in two days. Find out why!!!

BONUS: Los Bandoleros

Surprise! Straight from the dvd extras menu to your podcast app, we review Vin Diesel’s short film Los Bandoleros.

Fast & Furious w/ Tim McLaughlin

Holy buckets! Be prepared to forget everything you thought you knew about FNF. Everything is about to change.

Tokyo Drift w/ Dillon Hooten

The gang watches Tokyo Drift. Paul Walker isn’t in this one, so you’d think it would be good. We’ll see!!!!

2 Fast 2 Furious w/ David Britton

Melinda and Andrew are joined by their friend David Britton to argue about Tyrese.

The Fast and the Furious

Melinda and Andrew embark on the first movie and learn about cars, cops, and corona.